Weekly Veggie Boxes from your Farmer

Family-farm grown veggies packaged weekly for you. Eat fresh & seasonally all summer.
Veggies box shares plus more! Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

Eat Veggies in Season

Not all veggies grow year-round.  Enjoy veggies at peak harvest & get the most of them when they are fresh!

Farmer Relationship

Build One-on-One trust with the farmers that feed your family. Learn where your food comes from. Hang out with us weekly and harvest veggies with us.

Eat Locally

Support to our program ensures profitability to a local farmer; including sharing in the bounty and risk of farming (Community Supported Agriculture)

Food Disconnection Hurts Everyone​

Loss of Trust ​ in Farmers

Without knowing your farmer or where your food is sourced, you have many questions about how it was produced.

Negative Environmental Impact

Thousands of tons of vegetables are discarded even before they get to your fridge. Food waste is a real issue. 

Out of season & unripe foods

Eating foods that are out of season don’t taste as good, or stay fresh as long.


The weekly veggie box from your local farmer.

“The quality and variety of my veggie share is excellent. There are always some interesting options, fun extras like herbs and pickles and even beef for purchase. Visiting the farm to pick up the veggies is the best part!”
                                -Amanda, Simcoe

Veggie Box Pick-up

"Helped my husband and I embrace the freshness...it was too easy to buy frozen [veggies] and microwave them. "


"I can't explain how great I feel to serve farm fresh produce to my family. Thank you for providing the tasty alternative." -- Marie, Jarvis

"Our family has been part of the Meadow Lynn Market Garden CSA family for 3 summers now. I love the fresh, local, seasonal vegetables and the chance to try new foods. My kids love coming to the farm to pick up the basket. They are always excited to see what is in our box and look forward to their favourites... Spinach always gets a big cheer!" ​ – Eleanor, Bloomsburg

Meet your farmer

Hi. I'm Sarah, and I'm a farmer.

Online Resources to help you master your veggie box

We include lots of coaching and support:

We help you with your box each week! 
It’s normal to wonder if you’ll be able to eat all the food you get each week. That’s why we have support and training with your membership. 

We provide support in our:
-Member’s private online program
-Weekly emails
-Easy recipe ideas & food samples at pick up
-Storage tips & tricks
-Facebook page
-On-farm work-bees, events & time with the farmer
– & Instructional videos that will shortcut your learning curve to Veggie Box mastery!​

Build your own Membership Plan

Weekly Box $34.70/week ($625/season)

Weekly is 18 boxes from mid-June to October.

8- 12 different veggies per week.
Includes one fruit and herbs.
Swap options on farm available.
Pick Up at the farm on Tuesday.
Grown through the Community Supported Agriculture model
Payment Plans available. Split the cost over 5 months.

Bi-weekly Box $38.80/week  ($350/season)

Bi-weekly is 9 boxes over 20 weeks (mid- June to mid- October)
8- 12 different veggies per week.
Includes one fruit and herbs.
Swap options on farm available.
 Pick up at the farm on Tuesday.

Grown through the Community Supported Agriculture model 
Payment Plans available. Split the cost over 5 months.

Flower Bouquets   $9.00/week ($90/season)

Wild-craft flower bouquets. 10 bouquets crafted for you bi-weekly.  Pick up with your veggie share.
Delivery or pick up at the farm on Tuesday.

Free-Range Eggs  $5.00/week or $2.50/week

full dozen $5, half dozen $2.50

Grass-Fed Beef Shares  $50, $99 or quarter cows

100% Jersey Beef. On pasture all summer.
$50 & $99  are great for the BBQ and are available all summer.
quarter cows available in the fall. 

Micro-greens   $5.00/week ($50 or $100/season)

Micro-greens are supplied by Farm on the 14th. Choose from weekly or bi-weekly add-on.

Locally Roasted Coffee   $18.00 or $10.00 bi-weekly

Partnering with Belching Barista for a 1/2lb or full pound of coffee through the season. A selection of coffee from Columbia, Honduras & Ethiopia 


Want to know what will be in your box from week to week?

You’ll receive 8-12 veggies per week — a perfect mix of must-have staples and rare artisan varieties. You even get to add in bonus veggies from our extras table at pick-up at no extra charge.

Want more details? Download our visual guide below to see a week by week box plan for this year.

Heirloom Tomato Trials on the Farm
Order Online
Choose size of box & pick up location

Send in your payment
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Create your dishes! 
Veggie Boxes start in June. Dive right in with our resources- so you can start learning & connecting. 

Is a CSA right for you?
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