Wish List

2020 Wish List

We grew over 30 different kinds of crops this year. Can you remember them all? 

Almost every week we had fruit- strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries, blueberries, pear juice, pears and apples 
We had canned pickles, and honey 
Each week we had different herbs.
The swap bin was well utilized, which we hope was great for you- it’s a great indicator for us. 
Our workshops were well attended, and our first plant sale was a success. 

Now that you have been through a full season, is there anything you expected to receive but didn’t? 
Is there anything you would have done differently?
What would like to see us do in the future?
Were your expectations met?

Your feedback is very important to us, and we want our program to work well for all our families. 
We would like to review all the “wishes” and pick the top 3 wishes from all of our responses and apply them to next years’ program. 

We also would appreciate any other notes you would like to send us- please fee free to babble away! 

2019 Wish List

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    Some people have indicated that a bi-weekly box is still too big for their family. Do you have any suggestions on how we might accommodate these families? *

    Currently, our bi-weekly boxes are 10 weeks. What if you could choose the 10 weeks you pick up instead of coming every other week? Would this be more convenient for you? *

    If you're thinking about not returning next year, please let us know what made the season difficult for you. *

    Did you know we sell meat? Would smaller meat boxes (instead of quarter cows) be more interesting to you? *

    Any other comments encouraged!

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    Exclusive for our 2019 CSA family!
    Stay tuned for our 2020 program launch, coming soon! 

    Need a gift certificate for Christmas? Think about veggies!