Farming Principles & Practices

Our Market Garden & CSA is under the umbrella of Meadow Lynn Farms (dairy & strawberries).  The difference is that our market garden is farmed ‘biointensively’. Our market garden is not certified organic, however; we are pesticide-free.

Our partnering farms feel the same way we do, and these values are important to us!

the land

Our market garden is grown on reclaimed land. The field where we grow our vegetables was a hay field for over 20 years and has now been converted to gardens.

the water

Rainwater is best. Although we also irrigate from a spring-fed sand point on our farm and filtered through our UV treatment system. 

pest control

We use organic growing and pest control methods for our vegetable production. The strawberries are conventionally grown. 

the seed

We try to mix it up using a variety of heritage, heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid seeds. 
Did you know that other than sweet corn, and squash, there are no other GMOs commercially sold for veggie production? Our seed for our market garden is not treated and non -GMO. 



We use compost from our dairy barns to help fertilize our soil for the market garden. 

our dairy herd

Meadow Lynn Farms originally started as a dairy farm-  with 100% purebred Jersey cows. It is still the largest proponent of the farm today.  To find out more about our dairy cows, and our strawberry patch, come take a tour of our farm or visit us on the web @