2021 Seedling/Plant Sale

  • Online ordering is now closed for the season. 
    We still have a wide selection of plants that you can pick up at the following sale dates: 

    • Sunday, May 9 @ the Good Bread Company 10am – 1pm
    • Friday, May 14 & Saturday May 15 @ the Little Brown Cow, 234 Cockhshutt rd, Brantford
    • Saturday May 15 & Sunday May 16 @ the Good Bread Company, Vittoria
    • On the farm at our roadside stand from May 18- May 23 or whenever we sell out @ 80 Decou Rd, Simcoe 

    Here is our current selection of plants (although some may be sold out) 

    Tomato (1 plant per pot) $3

    Cherry tomatoes- needs staking!

    1              Snow White Cherry- IN, OP, H, 59d, white/yellow cherry.

    2              Black Cherry- IN, OP, H, 65d, dark purple cherry. Great snacker

    3              Yellow Pear Cherry– IN, OP, H 65d, yellow fruit pear shape, prolific

    4              Matt’s Wild Red Cherry– IN, OP, deep red, smooth texture.

    5              Purple Bumblebee Cherry– IN, OP, H, 65d- purple with green stripes

    Early/Medium Size tomatoes- needs staking! 4-8oz        

    6              Green Zebra- IN, OP, H deep lime green stripes. Small-medium size.

    7              Jaune Flamme- IN, OP, H. French fruity, productive 2-4oz saladette

    8              Olga’s Yellow Chicken- Siberia heirloom. Oval, yellow-gold medium.

    9              Bonny Best- IN, H, OP. Clusters of deep red fruit. Very popular.

    Beefsteak Tomatoes- 12-16 oz needs staking!

    1. Cherokee Purple- IN, OP, H 72d. purple, brown and green.
    2. Druzba- IN, OP, H 85d- Bulgarian heirloom deep red.

    12           Ponderosa Pink- IN, OP, H Pink beefsteak heirloom. Solid, meaty

    13           Old German- IN, OP, H 75d. flat, red with yellow center, ribbed

    14           Stupice- D, OP, H 65d. Czech Republic heirloom. Disease resistant.

    15           Bush Beefsteak – D, H, OP, 62d. Popular mid season. Large, rich red.  

    Paste/Sauce Tomatoes

    16           San Marzano- IN, OP, H, 85d. Old Italian paste variety. Meaty, mild. 

    17           Roma VF- D, OP, H. Classic sauce. Resistant to fusarium. Bush type.

    Patio & Dwarf Tomatoes—great for pots and containers

    18           Banana Toes- D, DW, OP, 70d. Roma yellow type tomato.

    19           Beauty King- D, DW, OP 75 d. Medium red gold striping.

    20           Adelaide Festival-  D, DW, OP, 80 d. Medium, purple green stripes

    21           Arctic Rose- D, DW, OP. Large red great for pots.

    22           Bundaberg Rumball- D, DW, OP 60d. Medium fruit, chocolate colour

    23           Heinz 1439- D,OP 75d. Mid-size, firm red. Good taste, crack resistant

    24           Tiny Tim Cherry- D, OP, H, 45d

    25           Glacier- D, OP, 55d. Early cocktail size 1-2oz

    26           Gold Nugget cherry- D, OP, 56d. oval yellow concentrated early set. 

    Others in Tomato family

    27           Ground Cherry – grown in paper husk, yellow citrus flavour

    28           Tomatillo- grown in paper husk. Green tomato-like fruit


                    Cucumber (2 plants per pot) $3

    29           English Cucumber- Telegraph improved OP, 57d- smooth fruit

    30           Pickling- National Pickling- 15cm long dark, black spine.

    31           Slicing- Marketmore 76- great American slicer with spines.

    32           Novelty- Mouse Melon- great in stir fry. Sour cucumber flavour


                    Eggplant (1 plant per pot) $3

    33           Rosa Bianca- D, OP, H Italian heirloom, white with purple streaks

    34           Black Beauty- D, OP, H 80d.  large dark purple, tender and tart.


                    Peppers (1 plant per pot) $3

    Sweet Peppers

    35           California Wonder- D, OP, H 76 d. Green, turning red when ripe.

    36           Golden California Wonder- D, OP. Green to yellow pepper.

    37           Iko Iko- D, OP. Rainbow colours, purple, yellow, green, lavender


    Hot Peppers

    39           Jalapeno Raam- D, OP, 65d. great moderate spicy fruits.

    40           Habanero Maya- D, OP. Extra hot. High yielding.

    41           Cayenne Long Slim D, OP. Very hot, dependable producer.

    42           Scotch Bonnet D, OP, 120d. close cousin to habanero.


                    Melons & Watermelon (2 plants per pot) $3

    43           Moon & Stars watermelon- H, OP, 100d, 10lbs- red flesh, spotty skin

    44           Hale’s Best Cantaloupe- H, OP, 85d 5lbs, oval melon, orange flesh


                    Zucchini (2 plants per pot) $3

    45           Dark Green – H, OP, 50d, prolific, dark green.

    46           Success PM straightneck- H, OP, 50d yellow zucchini.


                    Winter Squash (2 plants per pot) $3

    47           Butternut- Waltham- OP 95d, dark orange flesh, excellent keeper

    48           Acorn- Table Queen- H, OP 90d, medium size, good storage


                    Kale (1 plant per pot) $3

    49           Westlandse H, OP, 50d. green ruffled, disease resistance. High yield.

    50           Red Volants OP, 50d. deep crimson red ruffled leaf.


                    Lettuce – Pack of 4 $3

    51           Buttercrunch OP 67d- Bibb soft leaf, green lettuce.

    52           Parris Island Romaine H, OP 75 d- Large head, pale green heart

    53           Red Sails- OP, 66d. Large open, slow to bolt red leaf


                    Wax Bush Beans – Pack of 4 (not pole beans) $3

    54           Goldrush Yellow OP 55d yellow bean. Easy to pick. Great flavour.

    55           Bush Blue Green OP, 57d. stringless snap bean. Early green colour.


                    Onion and Leek- Pack of 4 $3

    56           Green Onion- Evergreen Long White OP, 70d – cluster, long slender

    57           Yellow Sweet Onion- Sweet Spanish Utah OP 115d- mild, white flesh

    58           Leeks – Autumn Giant OP 85d, – fine flavour, mid-season


                    Spring Vegetables -Pack of 4 $3

    59           Swiss Chard – Bright Lights OP, 57d- mix of colours. Eye catching.

    60           Cabbage- Golden Acre Y.R.- OP, 70d- 2-3lbs, oval heads

    61           Mini Broccoli- De Cicco HL, OP, 45d. produces many small heads

    62           Spinach – Bloomsdale Dark Green HL, OP, 50d. Great for spring.

    63           Peas – Sugar Ann, OP 55 d. Dwarf variety, need no support.

    64           Beets- Early Wonder 60d- red table beet. Leaves are edible too.

    65           Rhubarb (1 plant)- Glaskin’s Perpetual-H, need 1 year to establish


                    Herbs- Pack of 4 $3

    66           Basil Italian Large Leaf- great large green leaf. Perfect for pesto.

    67           Thyme- German Winter- great dried. Tender perennial

    68           Rosemary- Robust in flavour- tender perennial  

    69           Chives- mild onion, purple flower, self-seeding perennial

    70           Dill -Bouquet. Early maturing, tall stems.

    71           Oregano – Common. Pinkish-purple flowers.

    72           Parsley – Darki- dark green, curled type.


                    Flowers -Pack of 4 $3

    73           Marigolds – Crackerjack- double carnation orange & yellow

    74           Aster – Milady Mix – large, purples, whites and pinks

    75           Calendula –  Indian Prince- double row flower petal. Orange. 

    76           Nasturtium – Dwarf Double Jewel. Double yellow, orange, whites.