Veggie Box Program FAQs

What does the program look like?

We run our veggie box program based on the CSA model. Community Supported Agriculture is an alternative, locally-based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. Our CSA program allows people to buy a membership into our farm. Once you become a member, you commit to share the bounty and the risk of farming. 
Becoming a member of the farm can be exciting when crops have excellent yields, you receive more produce! 
However, members also share the risk of crop failures, and may not receive a particular vegetable if there is a crop failure for some reason. 

What is the purpose of the membership?

Supporting local farmers and emphasis on local community. Our CSA is committed to growing produce from our farm without the use of pesticides. The produce is picked the day-of or the day before you pick up your boxes to provide our members with the freshest produce possible. 
At Meadow Lynn Market Garden we donate all unsold produce to the food bank every week to ensure no produce goes to waste. 

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Becoming a member means that your hard-earned dollars stay in the community. You get to eat fresh, seasonally-grown veggies and try new vegetables as well! Other perks include weekly emails with recipes, tips & tricks as well as a visit to the farm each week. We also include discounts to our workshop and events if you are a member of our program. 

What veggies are in the box?

We grow over 30 different kinds of vegetables. We grow everything from A-Z. Check out the list we grow under membership. –But don’t get stuck with a vegetable that you hate!- Use our SWAP bin on the farm to make sure you get the veggies in your box that you want.

How many vegetables are in the box each week?

For our weekly and bi-weekly boxes, there are 8-12 different kinds of vegetables in the box each week. We also try for at least one type of herb and one type of fruit. The strawberries are grown on the farm, but most other fruit comes from other farmers within Norfolk.

Do we get the same vegetables from week to week?

We try to mix up the vegetables available each week, but we do harvest seasonally- which means, when tomatoes are ready for harvest, you will get tomatoes in each box for about 8 weeks. This is true for all vegetables that have a season- including cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, and peppers. Other root crops are not in the box every week.

Can I pick the vegetables that are in my box?

There is a set list of veggies that are expected to be in the box each week. BUT we do have a SWAP bin on the farm, so you can always swap things that you are not fond of for other things in the swap box.

What happens when I am on holidays? Or if I forget to pick up my box?

We allow of people to skip two weeks for holidays, and pick up their veggies on a different week, or we can also donate the veggies to the local food bank.

What if I hate some vegetables?

Use our swap bin on the farm to swap out your least-favourite veggie for something that you would like better! – or, share with your friends.

Do we get fruit as part of the box?

We grow strawberries here on the farm, so they will be in the box for about the first 4 pickups. We then try to get local fruit from other farms each week to add to our boxes. This includes blueberries, raspberries, yellow plums, pears and apples.

Do I have to pay in advance?

We do prefer that people pay for their boxes in advance. This helps us with the upfront costs of growing, and fits with the original Community Supported Agriculture model. If you need a payment plan, we would be happy to chat with anyone about that further.

I live alone and can't eat that many veggies, is there an option for me?

If a box of veggies is too much for your family every week, you can get a bi-weekly box. We also encourage sharing with other families, friends or neighbours. This works great when others are on holidays as well. – and you can share veggies that you don’t like.
Ask us about our seniors program for those who live alone.

Can I get my box delivered?

Yes. We do offer delivery within Simcoe and Port Dover. But, we encourage everyone to come to the farm to pick up their boxes. There are many advantages to coming to the farm that the delivery program does not offer. This includes the swap bin, picking your own veggies, and of course, visiting the farm!

Do you use pesticides?

The market garden does not use pesticides.We try to follow organic growing practices. But, the rest of our farm practices conventional growing methods. 

What are the pick-up times?

Pick up on the farm is Tuesday evening from 3-7pm.

Do you grow all the vegetables on the farm?

We grow most of the veggies,  but do have a few partner farms that we work with. For instance, our potatoes and sweet potatoes are grown by our neighbour because we don’t have a potato digger…. and digging hundreds of pounds by hand is no fun!

Potatoes & cucumbers
Green bell peppers!
Purple & orange carrots & onions
Collecting sap!

Pick up on the farm is Tuesday evening from 3-7pm.